Employee Retention Tax Credit: What It Means to DME Supplier

The COVID pandemic was a game changer. It affected all aspects of American life. Recognizing the severity of the pandemic, the federal government passed laws – and issued regulations – designed to (i) expand the provision of health care in the home, (ii) assist families financially, and (iii) provide “safety nets” to businesses. One of the safety nets is the Employee Retention Tax Credit that is designed to encourage employers, that are adversely affected by the pandemic, to keep employees on their payroll. Since its inception in 2020, the Employee Retention Credit has been modified by federal statute and IRS regulations to relieve the ongoing financial struggles faced by employers. This webinar will discuss the history of the Employee Retention Credit, including eligibility and value of tax credits available for wages paid between March 2020 and December 31, 2021.  We will also discuss how to retroactively claim the Employee Retention credits and common pitfalls to avoid when the DME supplier is amending its tax filing. Lastly, the webinar will discuss how the DME supplier can avoid the scams that have arisen in conjunction with the Employee Retention Tax Credit.
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